Sweet Escape

Spending time on a beach and laying under the sun is just what I needed when the city life gets a little too much.

Driving about 2.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan is always the best place for me to escape. There is literally nothing to do out there –  at least on where I usually spend time. Because there are no distractions happening in this place, all you got to do is let yourself free from work, social media and chaos. It’s a perfect place to just relax, lay under the sun, appreciate the beauty of nature, let your eyes closed and empty your mind.


Travelling this time around, I was with the kids and my husband. For the whole weekend, all we did was play with the waves, collect little crabs and shells, build a sand castle for the crabs, lay under the sun until my husband turned red, play with the bunnies, and enjoy the best quality family time. It’s the best weekend I could ask for and the best remedy for all the stress we’ve got from work and other aspects.


This weekend reminded me how my life is so blessed and I’m feeling very grateful for all the things that I have. Despite how life sometimes disappoints me, I still manage to come back even stronger than what I used to. All of these strengths and motivations are coming from people I love most – my children, my husband, my family and friends. And I will never be grateful enough for having them in my life.


Bali Weekend, Hubby Birthday

From time to time I get this spontaneous and genius suggestions from my husband. And every time he comes up with brilliant travel itinerary, I get really really excited.

This year, for his birthday we travelled all the way to Bali for a long weekend holiday and his cycling race with his Indonesian friends.

It’s been a long time since the last time I’ve been in Bali and so I’m feeling so excited! But since I wasn’t feeling very well and Doctors advise to stay in bed if possible, I didn’t get the chance to go explore the island.

I stayed in the resort and followed Doctors advise and get well.

Even though I wasn’t able to go around the island, I still managed to get some rest and catch up with my sleep. It’s been a much needed quiet time for me and since the husband is out most of the time with his friends, then I couldn’t feel any guilt for having some sweet, sweet ME time for the whole weekend.

Retour à Paris

Bonjour Paris!

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After eight years, I’m finally back again to La Ville Lumière !


This beautiful city never fails me. I still fall inlove at every single thing from buildings, to art, to food, people, fashion, wine, and everything!


But I do have to admit that no matter how much I love Paris, I could never imagine myself living here. It would probably break my little love bubble for it.

I mean, If you’re not French and you’ve been in Paris, I would guess that you would pretty know what I feel. For me, going to Paris is like an escape to all the realities in life, for me Paris is like my real world Disneyland where everything is so beautiful and magical.

I will come back for you again Paris, thank you so much for an amazing time again!

iHola! Barcelona!

Barcelona, has always been the most feel-at-home place for me. It’s mostly because the language is a lot similar to my dialect in the Philippines, so listening to Spanish speaking people is like music to my ears; then there comes the food who is a lot similar to my country as well, my most favourite – callos. I couldn’t get enough callos wherever we go in Barcelona. It’s so authentic and delicious! And lastly, the culture, it’s all very similar – from religion to love for music and party!

While in Barcelona, Einar and I didn’t plan anything. So we walked and explored the city in our own pace. We didn’t have to rush from here to there. It was very ideal!

The best part of staying here in Barcelona is the beach and the sun. You can free yourself under the sun and relax all day!

It’s the best trip I’ve ever had in Barcelona! Gracias!

iHasta luego!



My Mont Ventoux Achievement Unlocked

Famous for the Tour de France, I finally got to see AND ride the famous route to Mont Ventoux – even though my main purpose in going to Provence region is to see beautiful lavenders and take millions of photos! Unfortunately that didn’t happen – it wasn’t the right season.


Checking in at Chateau de Rochegude, I was pleasantly amazed staying in an actual castle!

The history of this place was amazing and they were so good at keeping the original structure of the castle and even the dungeon.

Waking up to the beautiful sunshine, the scenic view from the window just automatically switches off your mind to the reality of city living.

On our second day in Rochegude, we drove up to Malaucène where we can rent road bikes, shoes and shop for cycling gear and clothes.

I obviously used an e-bike as I am not that crazy to conquer this majestic climb unlike my husband – so being a good wife – I became the pacer! LOL!

After 1 hour and 56 minutes, we finally managed to descend safely back.


Going back to where we started (honestly speaking) scared me big time because of its very steep descend – plus the fact that it’s very very cold and did I mention it even started drizzling and the wind and the fact that were descending? For me, this is the part that I’m the most proud of and I will never get tired of sharing this achievement to the whole world. Ha!

Hey! Not everybody can do it! (Tap on my own shoulder – Wink!)

afdf5aa7-5454-410f-bcf0-b41b01d68a5cAnd of course, we got our well-deserved rosè after the ride.


We left on our third day with amazing memories from Provence.

I will never forget the beautiful sceneries here and unforgettable moments with my loving husband. Provence will always have a special place in my heart – forever!

Italia’s Super Cars

I’ve never been so much of a fan for cars until I started dating my husband two years ago.

When we got married last December, the first thing he suggested when planning our summer honeymoon was to visit Modena – because its the home for the amazing super cars in the world – Lamborghini and Ferrari.


I must say, that even me who only loves practical cars, I was in super shocked and amazed by all these beautiful art! It’s literally beautiful and not to mention freaking fast.

I’ve never seen so much joy from my husband’s face when inside a museum and this seems like his dream land – a city full of super cars.

We started from the Lamborghini Museum, where they showcase all the Lamborghini cars since the beginning. It was amazing how it transformed, from the vintage type of cars to what we call a “super bad-ass cars” these days.



And then, we went to the Enzo Ferrari Museum where you can see all the classic Ferrari’s, to their amazing race achievements, famous drivers, hall of fame for their winning cars and awards and super fancy hall where you can see all the latest collections! It’s all one of a kind, beautiful and I’m super amazed.

I must say, if you’re a car lover, this place is a super must for you to visit!


Via Modena, 12, 40019 Sant’Agata Bolognese BO, Italy

+39 051 681 7611



Via Paolo Ferrari, 85, 41121 Modena MO, Italy

+39 059 439 7979

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset
Processed with VSCO with e5 preset