Valiram Hauls.

Do you have a favourite branded bags or super expensive Italian shoes that it’s almost impossible to buy? How long have you been dreaming to own a pair of real Giuseppe Zanotti or Versace shoes? How long have you been saving to buy your favourite Michael Kors, Kate Spade or Tory Burch hand bags? What if I tell you that I know something that all of this amazing top brands, you can now easily afford! And FYI, it’s genuine.



Valiram is a retail specialist that conducts seasonal killer sales for all of it’s brands. And I happen to know this, because one of my bestie, Mariella is working in the company.

It’s been three times now that I’ve been going to their events and every time, I can say that I’ve been getting smarter with my ways. I can tell you shopping secrets later on in a different post but now I wanted to show to you my latest shopping hauls with Valiram and favourite brands.







Believe it or not, all of these goodies is worth about RM5000 and I paid only RM1500 !!!


PS. If you want to know when is the Valiram sale again, go and subscribe on their facebook, instagram or email list. It usually happens twice a year or maybe more..



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