Street style in Asia has never been so fun and easy and you can never go wrong.

My style would always be light dresses (short or long) and layered it with some necklace, or a jacket.  Trust me, you may think you don’t need one but after living here in Malaysia and Singapore for about seven years now, you need jackets or at least a scarf with you when you go to malls – because its so freezing cold. Im pretty sure its all different story when you’re in an island.

 I also drive, so I kinda don’t really feel hot always. You also always have the option to take it off and take it as an accessory for your outfit if ever you get too warm.


I like shopping in different brands, as long as I can mix and match my clothes and still come up with my own personal style.

Dress & Jacket: Cotton On

Accessories: Lovisa

Shoes: Aldo

Glasses: Armani

Phone Casing: Ideal of Sweden





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