Since the first time I finally got my residence visa in Malaysia that allows me to work legally, I can’t help but being overwhelmed by many options of what I could possibly do then; like putting up my makeup business on my own; getting myself a part time job to learn about running a business; get to training to be fit; do all these things and still be a Mum; be connected and social; be a wife and give time to my husband; and most importantly, remain sane after all of these.

But then again, I don’t live in a bubble. I got to stay in the real world. I can’t do all of these things. It’s too much. I’ve come into a realisation that I needed to be realistic with my long term goals in life and make sure that I am happy with what I’ve been doing.

And so, I would like to share to you my recent and best decision I’ve done in a long time.


I’ve recently joined the FlyProject and FlyCycle family and I couldn’t get any happier than this.

I’ve known FlyCycle for almost two years now when my friend Theresa who was then a regular rider and now an instructor introduced me to their classes. It’s great venue for someone who gets bored easily by any ordinary spinning classes – FlyCycle has a party vibe and intense spinning classes and not to mention unique to each of every classes.


After leaving my previous job and I was in the process of healing myself from a recent loss, getting fit was my only escape but then again, whenever I’m not with my husband or friends to go to workout, I still feel bored and alone. Every one is different, every one goes to the gym with different purpose and so please don’t judge me. I’m just not motivated enough to get fit on my own.

I was browsing FlyCycle’s website one day, looking to try the new classes in FlyProject, when I saw the career opportunities. It was like literally having a bulb lit on top of my head! I wanted to be part of this community!

I’ve been following them on Instagram and they all seem to be nice and friendly and whenever Theresa talked about Fly before, it’s always so fun and how great the people are and so I wanted to be part of that too. There was a lot of excitement going on in my head, so I immediately sent out my resume to them.

To be really honest, after sending out my resume, a little bit of hesitation got me. What if this is all just a show? What if all these things they show in social medias are fake? What if this is just another mistake? But HELL NO! It’s all real people. From my interview process, trial period and my first day at work – it’s all real! Everyone in Fly family is real; genuine and passionate about what they do.


I’ve never been happier in any job I’ve been into – my makeup of course is a different story. But if you know what I mean? Having a full time job that makes you feel happy and motivated to go to work every day, to workout with your own friends at work, meet new people everyday, to be able to learn more about business industry and grow together with the company and everyone else involve, and still do what I do – doing makeup outside my working hours, still be a Mum to my children and dog, enough time for my husband and still be sane at the end of the day. This is living a dream. I’m 100% sure that I’ve made the right decision this time.


Being part of FlyCycle is being part of a new family. And I can’t even explain how this feels exactly  – all I know is, it just feels like it’s home.

You should come and visit us and be part of this fast growing family as well so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

We are located at:




+603 6206 2082






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