Proper makeup application can change someones look and confidence. Without proper understanding when it comes to makeup, this could either result, you looking trashy or classy.

This weekend, I was very grateful to be invited to do a makeup workshop for thirteen year old girls. I’ve never been super excited like this in any of my workshops.


Having the opportunity to share my thoughts and expertise and the fact that they are all very young – is a great moment for me to inspire and motivate them how makeup is supposed to be done.


The whole workshop was smooth and fun for me and especially to the girls as they are all very eager to learn everything about makeup.


I introduced to them most of my drugstore makeup favourites, because they’re affordable and I don’t see any reason why at this age they have to spend lots of money for makeup. (It just doesn’t make sense).

They may afford to get the high-end cosmetics but I remind them that it’s not about how much you spend on your makeup, it’s about proper techniques, application, understanding and timing of events/occasion when using these products.

At the end of our session, the girls were successfully looking super great with their makeup and I told them to continue practicing as they will not perfect all the techniques in a day.

I strongly encourage them to stick with neutral colours, appreciate their natural beauty and don’t use makeup to change how they look. Everybody looks is different, everybody has their own natural beauty and they should be proud of their own. Use makeup to enhance your beautiful features, never to change or conceal your whole look.


This is by far, my most favourite workshop I’ve ever done. It feels so good having to reach out to our new generation and share to them positivity and great motivation.

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