I’ve always been a one piece clothing/accessory type of girl since I started deciding dressing up on my own because of my involvement in different sports such as swimming, outdoor running (sort of), jiujitsu and cycling. I feel like whenever I wear layers, its dragging me down and slow. (I know it doesn’t make sense. But Im sure somebody out there understands what I mean)

Not anymore..

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been wearing layers of necklaces or other accessories  (obviously whenever I go to the gym or after I stripped them all out). And lately, I find it so pleasant in the eyes seeing photos or myself in the mirror with accessories that I like and trust me, I’m still very picky and still particular with what accessories that could match my taste. If I can, whenever I go to the mall I always stop by Lovisa to check out what cute new things they have in store.

I’m not sure if this is a phase of me growing up, getting older or whatever is happening but I’m surely enjoying this. And so now, I’ve added one new category in my website – Style. 



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