I’ve always been a fan of false eyelashes and eyelash extensions but over the last few years I’ve always been so hesitant with extensions because I always end up with few eyelashes left in my eyes after two weeks and not to mention the struggles during the first couple of days because of eye redness and itching and lashes poking in my eyes because it wasn’t properly placed or glue being used is not great.

Ive probably done 10 times of eyelash extensions in my life and all of them has either similar or worst case scenarios UNTIL I discovered this expat-popular place for eyelash extensions in Bangsar.


I was super nervous at the very beginning because I’m worried that I might be doing exactly what I’ve been doing for lots of times and will end up with the same results.

I still went. Obviously!


The moment I entered this place, Oh my! A super pretty little studio filled with gorgeous frames and decorations. Everyone is so friendly and you’ll see majority of them wearing extensions and looking very pretty!


FYI, you need to call first to make a booking, they seem to be always so full and busy most of the time.

Here’s my before eyelash extensions, 1 1/2 month ago:


At first, I didn’t know which eyelash extensions to have because they have plenty of options but the lady at the reception is very helpful discussing what type I would want to get, explaining to me the differences of each lashes and how natural and dramatic they could get.

Chanel is the name of the girl that did my eyelashes. It took her 2 hours to complete my eyelashes as she said I have plenty of natural eyelashes and she is making sure that all my eyelashes are blended well and perfect.

Here’s my photo after my eyelashes extensions:


The whole process was very relaxing, no redness, itching or any negative feedbacks.

I am super happy with my extensions. They’re super light and comfortable! It lasted me about 1 1/2 months until I came back for a retouch. Same style but this time it took me about 50 minutes only.

Here’s the before and after the retouch today. Note that the first photo is already after more than a month and it’s still looking good compared to other eyelash extension places.


I’m super happy and I will recommend to everyone and will definitely come back again!


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