Starting My Fitness Journey

I’ve always been into fitness trainings and sports but I have two major problem every time I start something – inconsistent and stubborn.

Before I even started thinking about this entry, I doubted myself if I could even continue my journey after I post this today. But last night’s conversation with my husband made me hear myself about what exactly I needed to do and what is my real problem.

Just to give you a short history, I had a miscarriage about less than a month ago and after    two weeks, I noticed Ive been using working out at the gym to escape from all physical and emotional struggles Ive been going through. I hated loneliness so much that when I do workout, I find myself battling with my own self physically and mentally and so it’s distracting me from feeling down.

Two and a half weeks later, I started enjoying going to gym, and to me, it’s becoming a daily routine already.

Last night’s convo made me realised that because of my inconsistency in training, I should start blogging about the importance of fitness, my personal struggles and journey and what I should do about it – talking positively about working out, and who knows maybe motivating my own self and talking positive about it would inspire me to do more!

And because I’m a major stubborn individual, I realised that even though I enjoy listening to trainers and different experts, I find myself doing exactly the opposite and instead of going to training everyday, I find myself curling up in bed, watching Netflix and ordering a Foodpanda.

To make this long story short, I’ve decided to continue doing what I’ve been doing in the last couple of weeks, without anyone telling me what to do and without anyone putting pressure on me, but make myself feel good and least prioritise the look good part – it will eventually come later. I’ve decided to stop listening to negative comments and start on working on myself on what I could do to make myself bully-proof and just be plainly happy and feel good about my body and self.

I hope this post would inspire you to look after and love yourself. We are all different. This is how I wanted to be and I hope you find (if not yet) your own happy self too!

2 thoughts on “Starting My Fitness Journey

  1. I love your post, and I agree that working out for the sake of “looking good” isn’t always the best motivation. Work out because it makes you feel good and reminds you of how awesome you are! 🙂

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