iHola! Barcelona!

Barcelona, has always been the most feel-at-home place for me. It’s mostly because the language is a lot similar to my dialect in the Philippines, so listening to Spanish speaking people is like music to my ears; then there comes the food who is a lot similar to my country as well, my most favourite – callos. I couldn’t get enough callos wherever we go in Barcelona. It’s so authentic and delicious! And lastly, the culture, it’s all very similar – from religion to love for music and party!

While in Barcelona, Einar and I didn’t plan anything. So we walked and explored the city in our own pace. We didn’t have to rush from here to there. It was very ideal!

The best part of staying here in Barcelona is the beach and the sun. You can free yourself under the sun and relax all day!

It’s the best trip I’ve ever had in Barcelona! Gracias!

iHasta luego!



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