My Mont Ventoux Achievement Unlocked

Famous for the Tour de France, I finally got to see AND ride the famous route to Mont Ventoux – even though my main purpose in going to Provence region is to see beautiful lavenders and take millions of photos! Unfortunately that didn’t happen – it wasn’t the right season.


Checking in at Chateau de Rochegude, I was pleasantly amazed staying in an actual castle!

The history of this place was amazing and they were so good at keeping the original structure of the castle and even the dungeon.

Waking up to the beautiful sunshine, the scenic view from the window just automatically switches off your mind to the reality of city living.

On our second day in Rochegude, we drove up to Malaucène where we can rent road bikes, shoes and shop for cycling gear and clothes.

I obviously used an e-bike as I am not that crazy to conquer this majestic climb unlike my husband – so being a good wife – I became the pacer! LOL!

After 1 hour and 56 minutes, we finally managed to descend safely back.


Going back to where we started (honestly speaking) scared me big time because of its very steep descend – plus the fact that it’s very very cold and did I mention it even started drizzling and the wind and the fact that were descending? For me, this is the part that I’m the most proud of and I will never get tired of sharing this achievement to the whole world. Ha!

Hey! Not everybody can do it! (Tap on my own shoulder – Wink!)

afdf5aa7-5454-410f-bcf0-b41b01d68a5cAnd of course, we got our well-deserved rosè after the ride.


We left on our third day with amazing memories from Provence.

I will never forget the beautiful sceneries here and unforgettable moments with my loving husband. Provence will always have a special place in my heart – forever!

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