It wasn’t the most traditional Filipino wedding, but it was a very special day every woman could ask for!

On the 16th December 2016, I married my best friend in front of my two beautiful children, very close friends and in-laws.


It was a very intimate moment for both me and Einar and there has been no flooding of photos and posts about that day in social medias. My husband and my two boys mattered to me that day. I see two of my worlds and that day, I can finally say that I am indeed truly blessed and very much loved.


After the union that day, we all gathered for lunch and drinks in the evening at Havana Bar in Changkat, Bukit Bintang.

The next day, is the wedding reception where we invited about 50 people around Asia who could come to celebrate with us.



I was super lucky having great in-laws and my three amazing bridesmaids who been helping me running some errands and dealing with difficult scenarios.

The whole night was incredible! Beautiful speeches, beautiful people, great vibes and it was a perfect way to start our lives as husband and wife – knowing that we have amazing people to count in and who loves us!


A lot of people were asking me why I didn’t post a lot of photos during the wedding. It is because it’s too precious and intimate to share publicly and I would like to keep this little piece of love privately on my own. 

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