Wedding Makeup in Sweden

Weddings and travelling are two of my most favourite words. These words describes pure happiness and new beginnings. So when I get invited by my boyfriend to come to his best friends wedding in Sweden AND if I want to do a makeup for the bride, without any doubt – it was a YES!


It was a beautiful day in Stockholm and aside from the fact that I am super excited being in the country for the first time, I get to do a makeup to these gorgeous Scandinavian beauties!

This is Sara and Trine. The two beautiful bridesmaids during the wedding.


For bridesmaids makeup, I like keeping it simple, neat and soft, so it doesn’t look overwhelming.


This is the super gorgeous bride, Thea. A pure Norwegian beauty, and I cant get over how beautiful and sweet she is.


For my bridal makeup, I prefer making my bride as fresh and natural as she can be. I always believe with classic looks because just like wedding photos and memories, it lasts forever. So I wanted it to be classy, beautiful and showing the bride her natural beauty.


It was a great experience for me to travel all the way from Malaysia to Sweden to be part of this very special day. What a beautiful country, beautiful people and amazing memories!



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