Makeup Workshop 101

Personal Makeup Workshop.

A day full of laughters, girls, makeup and learnings.

Today, I’ve gathered some expat girls, who are eager to learn and improve their looks and makeup skills – personally.

During my class, I asked the ladies to come in a clean, naked face.

Here are the steps of what we did today:

  1. Face assessment. It’s very important to know what your face shape is in order to know what type of makeup application is applicable for you or for the look you wanted to achieve.
  2. Primer Introduction. The basics. Skin care basics should never be forgotten to get a proper glowy look or for long lasting makeup!
  3. Foundation application. Steps and how to get your correct tone.
  4. Concealer. Proper concealing is very important to achieve a very natural look.
  5. Setting powder application.
  6. Proper eyebrow application.
  7. Eye Primer.
  8. Eyeshadow application. Learning different techniques on what suits your eyes.
  9. Eyeliner application.
  10. Curling and eyelashes.
  11. False eyelashes applications. (Optional)
  12. Proper contouring and highlighting. It’s very important to learn the proper techniques as it can change how your face will look at the end.
  13. Blusher. Proper blush application is very essential for achieving a glowy, natural look.
  14. Lipstick application.
  15. Setting spray.

The class ended up for about 4 hours as the ladies are having so much fun and did enjoy themselves, learning and making friends with everyone.

As a makeup artist, I love seeing ladies (or men) who are happy with how they look and how makeup gives them more confidence in daily basis or wherever they go. I love it when someone understands the art of applying makeup – whether it’s for dramatic purposes or natural look.


If you are interested as well with my classes, either in a group workshop or a one on one class, please do contact me at (Kuala Lumpur Only)

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